The Goldwater

The Goldwater is a news reading application for the conservative leaning alternative media site of the same name. The app notifies users of the latest stories posted to

2CH Mobile

2ch Mobile is a first party Android browser for It allows users to browse all of 2ch's boards, make new threads, and post replies. The app also supports notifications, bookmarks, and real time updates.


In 2015, Race Queen Inc. revolutionized 2channel by adding a drawing applet to it, allowing images to appear alongside 2ch posts for the first time in its history. Since then, almost 1 million drawings have been made across 2ch.



Softserve Advertisements is a low fee self-service advertisement product that allows advertiser's to place ads directly on websites without having to go through a middleman ad network.


TimeTraks is a fortune telling application developed by Race Queen Inc. that was featured on Coast to Coast AM. TimeTraks allows users to input information about when events occurred in their lives, and then using proprietary prediction methods forecasts what will happen to that person in the years ahead.


PraAna is a religious application that allows users to manage their time and get a big picture of how their time management is affecting them physically, mentally, and spiritually.

BE Messenger

While 2ch's main function is as an anonymous public forum, users who wish to post with names and tripcodes can use this application to communicate with each other through instant messaging. Users can also use BE Messenger to share BE points among each other, which can be used to buy icons and level ups for


iFonter is an iOS app that allows you to create professional looking OpenType™ or TrueType™ fonts right on your mobile device. You can choose from a wide variety of drawing tools, including a traditional bezier pen tool, a calligraphy tool, a freeform brush tool, or, simply draw your letters in real life and add them to the app via your device's camera. You can generate OTF file and Send via airdrop email and more.